Retrato Teresa Escudero Rites of Passage

“Art is more than an aesthetic purpose or a sensory pleasure. Creativity, along with love, is the fullest form of recreating and creating reality. The greatest transmitter and generator of emotions, energy and beauty “.


Teresa Escudero is an Spanish artist with a long professional trajectory in the area of communication strategy, who holds a bachelor’s degree in History from the prestigious University of Santiago de Compostela.

Each creation is a sculpture, which just as a musical composition or a painting is born of rigor and creative approach. Her rare, sensitive and sophisticated pieces are the result of a concept rooted in the geometry of the universe, in natural forces and in the history of Man as a vehicle to explore and create unusual forms. They are also undoubtedly the result of innovation through research and the differential use of materials.

Materials sometimes as strange to most of us as metallic meteorites, which Teresa knows, holds in her hands and studies since she was 13 years old when she discovered fascinated the first jewels made with them in Ancient Egypt for the pharaohs. She also uses, in addition to precious stones, exotic woods, carved rock crystal, and gems treated uniquely in rough by her.

Teresa exhibited her first pieces in 2020 at the Malvin Art Gallery, in Madrid. She has been requested by IGE (Spanish Institute of Gemology) where she have imparted a lecture “Meteorite in Royal Jewellery of Ancient Civilizations”. Rites of Passage has been awarded the LuxLife Global Excellence Awards 2020 and 2021 for Fine Handcrafted Jewelry and Artistic Jewelry, respectively. Her last exhibition was held at Gem Geneve in May 2023.