Art is more than an aesthetic purpose or sensory pleasure. Creativity, together with love, is the fullest way to recreate and create reality. The greatest transmitter and generator of emotions, energy and beauty. In my case, through matter full of meanings and intentions.

The careful selection of metallic meteorites, gems ,  rarest stones and other materials, inspire me and dictate every creation. They constitute the vertebral column of a timeless aesthetics and of the final result: jewels of extraordinary and singular beauty, that transcend pure adornment because, in addition to being beautiful in themselves, they evoke their connection with the universe.

My goal is to turn these exceptional materials, matter and time inspired by nature and its basic shapes into something that is much more than an accessory. Real jewels away from the trend. Classical in the Greek sense of the term, i.e. sober and out of time. Made to last.

Each piece evokes a different sensation, a story that envelops it in the unmistakable attractiveness of matter, the history it entails and its unique identity. Also his own style, simple, ordered and coherent with its essence: the Harmony of the universe, which is produced from the point of view of Science, Aesthetics and Art as an instrument of knowledge, and even of Ethics as a role in reflective analysis.

As an artist I try to do exclusive pieces in their class and enduring, even in these times in which most solid realities have vanished giving way to a provisional world and eager for novelties, is my motivation.

Teresa Escudero holds a Bachellor´s Degree in History from the University of Santiago de Compostela. Her academic background is the product of her love for sculpture, architecture and painting, to which she adds her scientific curiosity and her long career in the world of communication. This eclecticism has allowed me a different understanding of creative possibilities applicable to jewelry design.

Rites of Passage is the result of my passion for art and nature, for the universality, order and balance inherent in the cosmos and, also, why not say, for the chance to feel immersed in the knowledge of the outer space through of the gift of a meteorite that awoke in me a fascination and immediate lucidity: ” I have in my hands a 3,500 million years old remnant of the formation of the Solar System, with a great scientific and emotional value too. I am surprised by everything that contains mystery, reality, and beauty. Fusion of Universe and Art in its pure state. To me there is nothing more fascinating and unique that to carry out pieces with the intention of authentic jewelry and that conveys better the essence of eternity of a true jewel”.