Care and Customer Service

To ensure that your jewellery retains its beauty, follow these care instructions for the meteorite, gold, gemstones and unique materials used.



Avoid contact with grease, personal care products, perfume. lotions, soaps, sprays for hair and any other chemical. Avoid bumping against other objects or surfaces that could cause scratches and other damage.



Avoid humidity and contact with water.

The iron can get to produce oxide in the surfaceof its meteorite jewel. If this happens, remove it by simply rubbing it with a white cotton cloth. The best way to avoid its appearance is to use it regularly and keep it away from moisture. If it comes into contact with running water or salty water, please clean it with distilled water and dry it immediately with a cotton cloth and then with a hair dryer for 5 minutes. It will be enough. In case of any eventuality of this type please contact us and we will be more than happy to help you.

To avoid the likelihood of any type of allergy to the nickel present in meteorites, Rites of Passage has implemented an insulation system consisting of an 18-carat gold structure and glass that separates the meteorite from the skin in the contact area.

In any case, it is recommended that you do not sleep with your jewel.



Use a cotton cloth to clean gently. Then, avoiding contact with the meteorite, remove any remaining dirt with a mild and neutral diluted soap. Rinse with warm water and dry the stones and gold completely.


For daily cleaning, please use a very soft and dry cloth.

The cleaning and periodic hydration of the leather should be done carefully, by hand. It is recommended to use a professional mild cleaner, without chemical products, following the instructions provided by the manufacturer.


We are pleased to help you in any way.