Rites of Passage is the name under which Teresa Escudero signs and reaffirms the intention of her works. Creations made for people who do not wear fashion jewellery, they look for wearable artwoks with which they feel identified.


  • Pieces created with a disruptive concept by incorporating as inspiration and innovation, in addition to art and nature, the chosen materials; rare or unique materials, raw gems treated by her while maintaining their essence, with which she achieves tactile forms, uncommon, poetic with an unusual but timeless result.


  •  Certification and traceability from production to sale and resale, through blockchain technology. Each jewel carries its own UUIN (Universale Unique Identifier Number). An immutable guarantee of authenticity containing general information about each jewel: Story, Authenticity, Personal Information and brand Contac,  which allows to prove its ownership, certifying the value of your product.




The Rites of passage is conceived as an inseparable part of the celebrations of all cultures, in which the emotional feelings of the community were evident in unrepeatable moments of celebration of transition and change. These situations also occur at the individual level. Throughout our lives there are significant moments that mark a before and after. Our pieces are the result of this awareness and my insatiably curious personality and rational character combined with the need to enjoy the practice a poetic life.

For all this we do not conceive a jewel as a simple element of adornment or ostentation that makes us feel more secure, but as a piece that accentuates and reflects the best of our personalities or serves to declare a unique intentionality when we give it to someone special.


Rites of Passage

The magic and commitment to make a jewel requires that time or fashion has no influence on it. That is why the essence and objective of each piece is not to create something fleeting. It is about transcending, innovating, creating a unique style and transmitting certain knowledge and universal consciousness. My jewelry, like the universe and nature, aims to be timeless and eternal. The essential does not belong to any epoch, nor is it a status symbol. It is, simply, subtle.

Rites of Passage carries out creations , for a sophisticated people who values real exclusivity, who seeks authentic luxury product of scarcity, uniqueness and creativity.