FR 164 364. Meteorite & diamonds

The name of this ring refers to the patent number of the Eifel Tower. This design is a  tribute to the work of the civil engineering genius Gustave Eiffel. I have made this ring, like his amazing and powerful constructions, also with iron. The same material he used, like the main “precoious Stone” of this jewel    is a metallic meteorite specimen,  and therefore extraterrestrial with more than 90% iron.

Jewel details

  • Sikhote-Alín Meteorite (*): 5,2 g
  • Diamonds F/ VVs2 -paved with 348 diamonds :2,90 ct.
  • 18K white gold: 15 g.
  • Size: custom-made
  • UUIN(Universale Unique Identifier Number, blockchain system).