ARE. Combian emerald & Diamonds

A simple but sophisticated cocktail ring where the beauty of this 8 carat Colombian emerald is enhanced by diamonds.

The Trapiche emerald is a rare type of emerald, consisting of a central hexagonal prism whose faces grow six lateral prisms of green color. The rest of the stone is formed by carbonaceous inclusions. This variety appears only in the deposits of Muzo and Chivor, both in Colombia. In the specimens from Chivor, the central prism is green. However, in Muzo emeralds, like this one, the prism is black.


  • Colombian Trapiche Emerald: 9.14 ct
  •  Diamonds VS/ F: 2.60 ct
  • 18 K black and white gold: 11g
  • Size: On request
  • Color:  intense green with black spokes
  • Clarity Transparent (SI2)
  • Trapiche Formation : Very clearly visible 6-spoke Trapiche Formation
  • Minor oil treatment (*)
  • GIA Certificate
  • UUIN (Universale Unique Identifier Number): blockchain system providing absolute transparency, guarantee of authenticity, traceability and ownership certification.

(*) Note on oiling.  As per our brand policy, we do not use heated, treated or enhanced gemstones. However, most emeralds, due to their growing conditions in nature and recovery methods, contain alterations and cracks that reach the surface, so it is almost always (to a greater or lesser extent) necessary to fill them with cedar oil.