AVALON. Paraiba tourmalines, diamond & meteorite

Unique piece

A tribute to the legendary Celtic Arthurian island where fairy queens live and trees give tasty fruits all year round.

This rare and exquiste one-off ring   will be realize with an amazing extrarrestrial fragment 4 billion year old -metallic meteorite-, together two neon-blue paraibas tourmalines and an exceptional diamond.


-Sikhote-Alín Meteorite (*): 2 g

-Paraibas: Blue Green neon/VS: 5, 69 Ct
– Diamond D/ IF: 2,27 Ct
– 18 K pink and White gold: 14 g

(*)Between 3.5 and 4 billion years old.
• Date and place of meteorite fall:12 February 1947 in the Sikhote-Alin Mountains. Mass: 23 t
• Chemical group: Iron IIAB
• Chemical composition: 93,3 % Fe, 5.8% NI, 0.42% Co, 0.46% P and 0.28% S, with traces of Ga (galenium), Ge (germanium) and Ir (iridium)
• Fall coordinates: 46º 09´36″ N 134º 39´12″ E